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TTA showed compassion towards homeless with Food, Blanket & Socks donation drive in Bay Area, San Francisco, California



The Telangana American Telugu Association (TTA) conducted a charitable event on January 27, 2024 in San Francisco, California, aimed at providing food and supplies to the homeless and needy individuals in the San Francisco area.

Under the leadership of TTA Advisory Council Chair, Dr. Haranath Policherla, alongside council members Venkat Aekka, Srinivasa Manapragada, Prasad Vuppalapu, and Vijay Seri, as well as the support of TTA President Kiran Basani, General Secretary Saraswathi Varakur, and Treasurer Subratha Gaddam, the TTA Bay Area Team successfully organized the event.

Dubbed the “Food, Blanket, and Socks Drive,” the initiative saw the distribution of necessities to over 100 individuals in need. Ravi Kumar Nethi, TTA Board of Directors (BOD) and Community Services Chair, highlighted the longstanding 10 years commitment of the Bay Area team to such initiatives, spanning a decade.

He emphasized TTA’s unwavering support for community service events and urged community members to inspire younger generations to engage in volunteerism. Srinivasa Manapragada, TTA Advisory Council Member & Cultural Ambassador at the State of California Governor’s office, expressed gratitude to individuals and sponsors.

Mr. Manapragada thanked Srinivas Sivarapu, Santosh Damara, Jyothi Chowdary, Haranath Policherla, Kiran Basani, Anjan Karnati, Venkat Aekka, and Nandadevi Srirama, for their contributions to the event’s success.

Furthermore, TTA (Telangana American Telugu Association) extended appreciation to media channels and news websites, such as NRI2NRI.COM, Great Andhra, Telangana Times, Telugu Times, TV9, TV5, ManaTV, Jai Swaraajya TV and Sakshi TV, for their supportive coverage of such meaningful causes.

This event underscores the TTA’s (Telangana American Telugu Association) ongoing commitment to community welfare and its dedication to supporting those in need, either in US or India.

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