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Scotland, UK: Telugu Association Diwali; a day-long captivating celebration



Livingston, November 18, 2023: The Telugu Association of Scotland-UK (TAS-UK) orchestrated an unforgettable Deepavali Sambaralu 2023, a day-long celebration that captivated attendees from 10 am to 3 pm at the Inveralmond Community High School Auditorium in Livingston.

The event showcased a kaleidoscope of talent, bridging generations with performances that resonated with cultural vibrancy and community spirit. The morning commenced with a warm welcome from Cultural Secretary Vijay Kumar Parri, setting the tone for a day of spirited festivities.

The commencement featured the uplifting “Ma Telugu Thalliki” song, performed as a prayer by the Silicon Andhra Manabadi Telugu students. The event not only showcased the talents of the young participants, ranging from 4 to late teens, but also drew in seniors, with ages around 70, making them central figures who infused the venue with their contagious energy.

Their performances, spanning singing, dancing, skits, and instrumental acts, created a vibrant tapestry that resonated with the diverse and engaged audience. This inclusive program actively involved individuals across a broad age spectrum, including seniors who contributed their unique flair to the cultural mosaic. The participation of seniors underscored the community’s dedication to celebrating a wide range of talent and interests within its ranks.

Anchored by Pushya Raaga Sidda Sai Hari and Divya Devi, the event seamlessly transitioned between acts, maintaining a lively pace and ensuring a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. The audience was treated to a cultural extravaganza that seamlessly fused traditional elements with modern sensibilities, appealing to a diverse audience.

Indian Consul General Satya Veer Singh, in his speech, acknowledged and commended the multi-generational participation, emphasizing the importance of passing down Indian cultural traditions and values to future generations. A symbolic moment was the Jyothi Prajwalana, a symbolic lighting ceremony conducted not only by the executive committee but also by representatives of past executive committees, symbolising the enduring commitment to cultural legacy.

Mythili Kemburi, as Chairman, oversaw the coordination and execution of the event, while Madhavi Latha Danduri, in her role as Projects & Women’s Services Secretary, assisted in logistics and participant sequencing. Siva Chimpiri, as President, provided leadership and guidance, and Vijay Kumar Parri, as Cultural Secretary, curated and coordinated the cultural performances.

Uday Kumar Kuchadi, the General Secretary, delivered the Vote of Thanks at the end. Niranjan Nooka (Treasurer) and Venkatesh Gaddam (Joint Secretary) managed entry, welcomed attendees, and handled ticketing. Pandari Jain Polisetty (IT & PR Secretary) provided IT support and managed public relations and live broadcasting.

Zakir Shaik (Sports Secretary) and Naresh Deekonda (Youth Support & Services Secretary) contributed to logistics, catering vendor, and participant coordination. Roles were expertly handled by Raja Shekar Samba (Additional Projects Secretary) and Balaji Karnati (Additional Projects Secretary), who assisted in logistics, participants sequencing and coordination.

The event also saw the participation of esteemed guests from various community associations, adding to the vibrant tapestry of the celebration. Special thanks were extended to Samir Desai from Edinburgh Hindu Mandir And Cultural Centre, Sai Dodda from Edinburgh Diwali, Karthik Subramanya from Indian Arts Connection, Garima Sinha, and Abhilasha Sinha from Bihari Community of Scotland, Abdul Reyaz from Scottish Indian Muslim Association, Soumya Prasad, and Shruti Aravind from Kannada Association of Scotland, and many others who, though unable to attend, consistently support and contribute to the success of TAS-UK events.

The success of the event lay not only in the performances but also in the communal spirit that pervaded the celebration. TAS-UK Deepavali Sambaralu 2023 stood as a testament to the unity, diversity, and thriving cultural heritage of the Indian community in Scotland.

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