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A day of unity in Tampa, Florida; Republic Day parade by NATS & FIA



The Republic Day parade held in Tampa, Florida, featuring the Indian Cultural Center (ICC), was a successful event organized by North America Telugu Society (NATS) and Federation of Indian Associations of Tampa Bay. The parade marked a victorious celebration, with many Telugu people participating and contributing to its success.

The NATS leaders, along with the FIA, received praise for the well-organized event. Various creative competitions were conducted for children, promoting artistic expression. Alongside NATS leaders, even their children actively participated in the Republic Day parade, showcasing a sense of ownership. NATS & FIA members emphasized the importance of instilling values of service and giving back to society in children.

The Republic Day parade served as a day of unity for various organizations, according to the NATS organization’s perspective. NATS, FIA, and other organizations collaborated to celebrate and honor the national agenda, contributing to the national spirit. The children dressed up as Mother India. Many programs were organized to promote the traditions of Indian culture.

Many people were honored with mementos in honor of these celebrations. Food and vendor stalls set up on this occasion got a great response. Expatriates along with the administrators expressed their happiness for the success of this program. The organizers thanked everyone who contributed to the event.

Former Chairman of NATS & Convener of NATS Sambaralu 2025 Srinivas Guthikonda, Honorary Members of NATS Board Dr. Kotha Shekharam, NATS Board Chairman Prasanth Pinnamaneni, NATS Board of Director Srinivas Malladi, NATS Executive Committee Vice President (Finance/Marketing) Bhanu Dhulipalla, Program National Coordinator Rajesh Kandru, Joint Treasurer Sudhir Mikkilineni, Advisory Committee Members Prasad Arikatla, Suresh Bujja, Chapter Coordinator Sumanth Ramineni, Joint Coordinator Vijay Katta, Core Team Committee Shekhar Yenamandra, Prasad Kosaraju, Srinivas Atchi, Bhaskar Somanchi, Srinivas Baireddy, Satish Palakurthi, Ravi Kalidindi, Madhuri Gudla, Shailendra Gudla, Malini Tangirala, Shyam Tangirala participated in this program.

In recognition of the successful organization of the Republic Day parade and the commitment to future community service, the Tampa Bay NATS division was specially acknowledged by NATS Ex chairwoman Aruna Ganti. The Tampa Bay division of NATS received praise for conducting the Republic Day parade with a focus on the goal of service.

Bapu Nuthi, the president of NATS, expressed appreciation for the leaders of Tampa Bay NATS for their efforts in making the event impactful. Gratitude was extended to Ranjit Chaganti, NATS secretary, and Murali Medicherla, NATS executive media secretary, for their collaborative efforts in making the program a success.

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