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Diwali at City of Rancho Cordova, Sacramento by Suvidha International Foundation & Overseas Volunteers for a Better India



On November 5th 2023, Suvidha International Foundation and Overseas Volunteers for a Better India (OVBI) organized the Diwali Festival, commonly known as the “Festival of Lights”, in the City of Rancho Cordova, which is located near Sacramento – which is California State’s Capital City. Over 2000 Indian American (NRI) people have attended this Diwali Festival Event. 

The Diwali festival carries profound significance for people across the globe. This joyous celebration brings together families and communities to commemorate the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Beyond religious and cultural distinctions, Diwali spreads a message of hope, unity, and positivity, resonating with individuals from diverse backgrounds. During this festive period, homes are adorned with diyas (oil lamps), candles, vibrant rangoli patterns on the ground, and the sky is lit up with bursting fireworks.

Families exchange gifts and share festive meals, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Diwali holds cultural and religious importance not only for Hindus but also for Jains, Sikhs, and some Buddhists, making it a truly universal celebration. Suvidha International Foundation is delighted to reminisce about the magnificent Diwali celebrations that unfolded recently in Rancho Cordova, our cherished city. The festivities, held on Sunday, November 5, 2023, served as a unifying force, bringing together our diverse and vibrant community.

The event, attended by over two thousand people from various walks of life, beautifully highlighted the essence of unity in diversity and the joyous spirit of the Festival of Lights. City of Rancho Cordova Councilmembers Smt. Siri Pulipati and Mr. Garrett Gatewood graced the event with their presence. They actively interacted with participants, enjoying the event activities, and connecting with the Indian American community. 

Event Attractions

Special Fireworks Display: The Diwali Celebrations were illuminated by a spectacular special fireworks display, enchanting the night sky with a dazzling array of colors and patterns. The resounding bursts of light added an extra layer of excitement and joy to the festivities, creating a truly memorable and magical experience for everyone in attendance. 

Cultural Showcases: Local talented community members enthralled the audience with captivating dance performances, singing and melodious music demonstrating the cultural richness of our city. The Gongura group and Mr. Abhinav delivered an exceptional performance, enchanting the audience with their rendition of great Indian Movie Songs. The audience, undoubtedly, enjoyed a musical treat courtesy of the Gongura group and Abhinav, making their performances a standout highlight of the occasion. The event featured a captivating Bharatanatyam performance performed with pots.

Through expressive gestures, intricate choreography, rhythmic footwork and graceful movements, the dancers conveyed the joy, unity, and rich traditions associated with the dance form of Bharatanatyam and the Festival of Lights. The event also showcased a mesmerizing Kathak dance performance by the Light of Dance Academy, bringing the grace and elegance of this classical Indian dance form to the heart of our Diwali festivities. The audience enthusiastically welcomed the talented Kathak performers, allowing the magic of Kathak to illuminate our Diwali festivities! The additional dance groups showcased vibrant performances with a Diwali theme, adding a festive touch to the overall celebration. A heartfelt appreciation goes to Anupriya and the young and vibrant emcees, Abhignya and Namith. 

Photo Booth: Attendees had the opportunity to capture their memorable moments at a festive photo booth, creating lasting memories of the event. A special shoutout to our wonderful sponsor, Maalika Decors, for bringing the magic to our Diwali event with their fantastic photo booth. Their exquisite decorations and the charming photo booth truly enhanced the festive spirit and created lasting memories for the event attendees.

Costume Competition: The costume competition brought out the creativity and enthusiasm of our community, with participants showcasing their best Diwali-themed outfits. The participants had infused their enthusiasm into their clothing, expressing their cultural pride during the Diwali celebrations. 

Children’s Carnival Games: The little ones enjoyed a fun-filled carnival featuring games, rides, and attractions that kept them entertained throughout the event. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the Art of Living Foundation’s adult and youth volunteers who skillfully organized the Carnival Games during the Diwali Celebrations. Their dedication and creativity added immense joy and vibrancy to the festivities, creating unforgettable moments for all participants. 

Mouth-Watering Delicacies: Local food vendors dished out a delectable array of traditional Diwali sweets and savory treats, offering a culinary delight to everyone. Reliance SuperMart and Bakey Bites provided delicious sweets to the families of event attendees.  

Family-Friendly Activities: The event catered to families with henna painting, ensuring that it was a memorable experience for all. The lead organizers including Suvidha International Founder and President Mr. Bhaskar Vempati, Shobha Rao, Vandna Sharma and Venu Acharya extended heartfelt gratitude to the City of Rancho Cordova, City of Rancho Cordova Park’s Department, esteemed attendees, sponsors, talented performers, and dedicated volunteers for their contributions to the resounding success of the Diwali Celebrations in Rancho Cordova.  

Mr. Vempati expressed sincere gratitude to the City of Rancho Cordova for supporting the Diwali Celebrations with measure H funds. In a heartfelt acknowledgement, he extended thanks for the City’s invaluable support, emphasizing how the sponsorship played a pivotal role in making the event a resounding success. Mr. Vempati highlighted the significance of the City’s contribution in fostering community spirit, promoting cultural celebrations, and creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

Mr. Vempati also extended his gratitude to Mr. Sam Bernet for providing the sound system. Sam’s expertise and dedication have made a world of difference in creating an unforgettable experience for all. Mr. Vempati also expressed gratitude to Ganesh, who skillfully captured the essence of the event in strikingly beautiful photographs, Priya for capturing event videos and Sriram for capturing Drone videos.  

Local Annapurna Foundation’s rep Mr. Venu Acharya extended his sincere gratitude to all the sponsors, food vendors, businesses, non-profit stalls, and the henna stall for their invaluable contributions to Diwali Celebrations. Mr. Acharya said that the sponsors including Reliance SuperMart, Bakery Bites, SMUD, Shashi Devaraju Realtor, Shankar Pathy Realtor & Loan Officer; Curry Plaza Folsom; Ravacons; Nag Dondapati Realtor, Vijay Bhupathi Realtor, Maalika Decors and The Light of Dance Academy played a pivotal role in making the celebration a success and thanked their unwavering commitment to community.

The delectable treats from the food vendors added a delightful flavor to the occasion, while the diverse offerings from businesses and non-profit stalls enriched the festive atmosphere. Venu also extended his appreciation to Venkat Nagam for crafting a beautifully written article on Diwali celebrations. 

From the event organizing committee, Shobha Rao and Vandna Sharma thanked cultural performers and costume competition participants who graced Diwali Celebrations with their incredible skills and cultural expressions. They mentioned that the performances brought an extra layer of vibrancy and joy to the event, captivating our audience and creating unforgettable moments and appreciated the performers’ commitment to preserving and sharing our cultural heritage!  

Suvidha International Foundation and OVBI extend heartfelt thanks to our incredible volunteers, whose tireless efforts and unwavering dedication were instrumental in making the Diwali Celebrations a resounding success. The event volunteers including Anu, Anupriya, Asha, Avinash, Balu, Deepa, Deepak, Eshwar, Ganesh, Geetha, Harini, Kanchana, Jijo, Josephine, Nagesh, Navya, Nitisha, Prabhakar, Priya, Ranga, Ramya, Ruma, Sandeep, Satish, Sahithi, Shailesh, Shyam, Sridevi, Srinath, Sriram, Sunil, Trupti, Vikranth and many other volunteers.  


“A special shoutout to the organizers for curating an unforgettable Diwali celebration! From the breathtaking fireworks show to the vibrant outdoor mela style and the mesmerizing Diwali-themed cultural performances, every element was a true spectacle. The carnival games, photo booth fun, and the variety of business and non-profit stalls added a unique charm. Thanks for the delicious, sweet gifts, stunning decorations, and for fostering a sense of unity in our diverse community. It was a night to remember!” – unnamed attendee 

“A round of applause for the fantastic organizers of our Diwali extravaganza! The fireworks show lit up the night sky, the outdoor mela style brought joy to every corner, and the excellent Bharatanatyam and Kathak dance performances were simply outstanding. The carnival games and the photo booth added a lively touch, while the variety of business and non-profit stalls showcased the richness of our community. Special thanks for the delicious sweet gifts, beautiful decorations, and for creating an inclusive space that celebrates our diversity.”  – unnamed attendee  

“Gratitude to the masterminds behind our sensational Diwali festivities! The fireworks show was a dazzling display, the outdoor mela style created a lively atmosphere, and the excellent classical dances and Diwali-themed cultural performances showcased the richness of our traditions. The singing carnival games and the vibrant photo booth added an extra layer of fun, while the variety of business and non-profit stalls brought the community together. Thanks for the delicious sweet gifts, enchanting decorations, and for fostering a sense of belonging in our diverse community.”  – unnamed attendee 

Suvidha International Foundation:  Suvidha International Foundation ( drives a wide range of service projects including providing educational support to over 100 disadvantaged students,  constructing river rejuvenation projects and planting trees that benefit over five million farmers, empowering youth and women through various programs, providing food and essential items to neglected children and senior citizens, and promoting educational, youth empowerment and volunteering activities.

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